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A Note From The Author: "The Third Time Is Now" is written in a uncomplicated form with reason for and or purpose. For those who have found it unsatisfactory, note that the quantity of its value rest in its reader who benefit from it. All books are not met according to everyone's need and desire. I truly hope the perceivable of significance is understood in this message. DUE TO AN ERROR TO SEND MESSAGES..E-MAIL DIRECT TO mosespub400@gmail.com

To emphasize the idea of the spiritual world intrigues me and want to understand more on the subject. Any type of doctrine is attractive to research its foundation and meaning. My findings and experience in the inner workings of religion and their philosophy, leave no special awe of its leaders. I'm not particularly religious in a traditional sense, nor ever feel obligated to explain my personal relationship of God which is unattached from Christianity. What I will comply is that God and Jesus are real. It's easy to dismiss what is not understood or not want to understand. God has a silent language of his own. Those who trust in confidence, discover to reconize his strong influence and love. Rarely do I waste my time analyzing past mishaps. Yesterday is gone, hopfully history not re-written. Live for today, have no regrets for the day before and be thankful for a new tomorrow. Practise to venture forward to conquer what comes next in addition a fresh insight. We have so much to learn with so little time. A life time does not give us all there is to know. I'm open minded to reach truths beyond human understanding, but cautious in what I will or not digest. Spirituality is and has been misunderstood by those who condemn it and measure it in the category of new age. Spirituality is not new age nor a religious state, but an awareness searching for inner truth and wisdom that allows oneself to connect with the creator who we know as God. It isn't impossible and is a sensitive subject to communicate with most. Fear of the unknown betrays those who don't understand. Our differences in beliefs, separates us apart from that in the end, we are all seeing the same but in a different way. My purpose is to share with you an extraordinary experience and not to influence anyone to think that my way is the only way. Don't believe in crammer's.

Many people are sceptical and don't believe they have had previous lives. Yet, to an open minded soul research and much information that was taken from the bible of today was revised to other books. Its made out like science fiction, yet some think the same about the Bible. Arlene established her own past lives and within that a death experience years before she believed in such. She does except its existence and has come to a better understanding about her own life and Karma: The subject is personal. Keep in mind, how can one accomplish all there is to in one short term of a life time? How was it possible that biblical people lived hundreds of years in this world at that time?

With the world change to its worst in every aspect of evil from inflation down to robbing a person of his or hers birth right, which includes their right to live, and robbing a child's body for pleasure or abuse is something that the Heavens will not disregard. All evil is a force that deprives the weak for a stand and is an act stimulated by the thoughts of Satan through man who's fallen to become his demon. There seem to have been more trust in the past for our government and people felt less betrayed. At the time it was more of the people, by the people and for the people. A future with all that one can have a good job, home, family, love and happiness with maybe less crime. The idea of such is basically a dream for many. God is not a dream, he is real and Arlene along with many others know this to be true.

It's been said, it all began with an act of supreme violence, a big bang expanding ever outwards. A principle force of matter and gas 10 billion years ago. Do we wonder who's idea and reason it was for? Are we meant to be part of that plan? Are we born only to die, to be fruitful and multiply? If there is a beginning must there be an end? Yet, we seem to burn like a lit up candle in our time only to be blown out, to only submit to the elements the internal reclaim of matter and gas. Will this all end someday? We wonder if life no longer passes to life and what choices will we make to save our soul? Will earth be left barren like the stars above or will the hand who lit the candle allow the flame to go out, or is this fire of light inside us meant to go on. We wonder who decides and who tends to that flame? It only goes out if we don't want God there. God is the spark for those of us who are searching beyond the elements of flesh, where soul and spirit are in captivity for that special moment.

In spite of everything we've been taught to be true, would you go the distance in search to uncover something that is difficult to understand and explain? How can logic of unfamiliar knowledge be refuse to admit its truths of existence? These mysteries can't be ignored and if it does not connected with the five physical senses the mind transfers it to the Twilight zone. These connections deny non-believers beyond reason. It's a gift obtained through the love and understanding of God? A simple impression of our own free will: Willing to give God a chance these connections take place at ones pace of their own.

I've watched lost souls and ask myself, why can they not want the up most beautiful gift ever to be given? In the minds of every human lies a certain belief. Yet, they are merely puppets in a master plan which divides their time away from the spiritual world. However, for some of us the imaginary mind takes us away where we can create our own heaven. We all have such places a point of memory and desire. Though our world seems unrecognisable and upside down, there is one that will always remain the same GOD.

One best friend of man is his ego who's principles are well conditioned. Most aren't aware of their true identity because it lies deep beneath the ego. Ego is in control and comfortable to earthly matters that deny ones true journey to grasp the nature of spirit, it be like peeling an onion and ego resents this. If we were to leave out everything we connect with from the outside world, all that is left to identify is found with soul and spirit. Here we find a spirit and soul perfectly happy, adequate not wanting something more or better as the physical part of us is trained to do. Before the soul entered into the physical body it has no self-consciousness. Therefore, we have no desires and in addition everything is ours leaving nothing we want or need. No pain or suffering exist with a spiritual soul. However, as to why we don't stay in this splendid state is due to the divine plan.

We ask, what divine plan? Each of us before we were born entered with a plan. Earth is like going to school and every situation that we face in our lives is like a test. How many test did we fail and had to take over again? Unless we learn what caused us to fail, we'll presume the lack of significance behind it. Our past lives are connected with nearly the same pattern or be indebted to something for which was done. Nevertheless, by your own findings the truth will reveal itself. You will become aware and perceive knowledge beyond earthly matters. Satan can and does control the thoughts of man who then become demonic. He becomes the Father of those who carry and act upon his thoughts. His role is to lead us to a playground under the influence that relates to our senses of appeal and to arouse our interest in direction we'd think is normal. Yes, don't fool yourself by thinking Satan is not REAL who is also known as Lucifer. Our lives are planned according to the law of cause and effect and we are subject to Karma. For whatever a man sows that he will also reap. UNDER CONSTRUCTION......Karma is not a negative thing unless we want it to be, but it is a means of personal growth. Failure is an event that can be changed. One great truth lies in accepting responsibility for who we are and change what we do not like. We can be encouraged or influenced by society that blame upon others is normal, it's name is victim mentality. If we were to accept total responsibility for our own mistakes we wouldn't look for cause outside ourselves. Therefore after, we can value our achievements made in that change. We are not here to prove anything outside our own being, but to find that certain path of success and its purpose for the journey to come. Many do not go any further than traditional means because of scepticism. This journey is open to all, an endless path that no other knows what is in store until you get there.

A reminder: God is not to be FEARED as some of us where taught. Take a moment to think about a time that you had a great day and regardless how bad your surroundings were nothing else mattered. At sometime or another everyone has had their moment of pure happiness and felt on top of the world. Nevertheless, take into consideration that God was present at that period of time with you. Now take another moment to think about the greater number of times in which we live daily. How involved do our thoughts and feelings get within the abnormal conditions of today? If not involved directly think about the sudden attack of fear when we hear or see evil. That my friend, is the force of Satan. We also fail our ability in doing better for our own image when we lean too often on the old saying of, "it's only human nature when we mess up." This type of support will eventually lame the mind. The nature of a human is to find the easiest way out. Yes, indeed the human part of flesh is connected with physical mind and conscious. The conscious to know and feel the difference between right and wrong. Yet, we know how to conceal the real reason to defend the makings in our own mistakes. No one is perfect and we do live in an abnormal world. A form of perfection is to be thoroughly made yet, it is not final but a state of harmonized, wholeness and integrity which leads to completeness in approval of one's self. Other than qualifying facts for an occupation or similar sources, no one needs to prove anything outside them selves to anyone. In general it's in my nature to give over 100 percent of myself, but at one time or another that was not good enough. Whether it be a job, relationship or something else, the state of being perfect is not in giving of yourself to others. Perfect is God. Perfect is Jesus and beyond else we are not perfect. It begins with a connection from thought and heart and goes into the word of value. These values are the foundation of our characteristics which are not meant for measuring. For those who only seek for over 100 percent at best of yourself have a great loss to look forward too. This is a settled way of being yourself and no need to wear a mask. It's not about being self..centered nor does it have anything to do in harms way. Its about the state of awareness toward self-acceptance, self-respect and the knowledge that all are connected to everything around us. Never feel unworthy by others for they wouldn't have the time to dwell upon you had their time be invested improving their own lives. Quotation by William Shakespeare: Love me or Hate me, both are in my favor: If you love me, I'll always be in your heart...If you hate me, I'll always be on your mind."

The path to enlightenment is not an easy journey but, it does provide self satisfaction. Here lies the potential to change what you do not like about yourself and find your purpose. Today more than ever people are open and speak freely about their spiritual experiences. However, take measure in advance with an open mind to prevent any undesirable experiences. Be careful of what you digest. A very good friend of mine always told me that there was a golden thread of truth in everything. When we no longer look to see with the physical eye, the truth reveals itself to us.

There are no fairies who can make your troubles go away by the flick of a wand. There is no magic out there that can give you what you already have. Nature endowed us with equipment before we entered this world. This equipment was given to us by our creator and what he gives is ours to keep. No set circumstances can take this from you. Its' later that from our own ignorance and poor judgement we unvail this opportunity. You are your own analyst of your mistakes and God forgives and forgets, its the source of humankind who don't forgive, nevertheless, forget. Place these mistakes in their proper place before they create more problems. You must be the fairy and use your own wand to change what you don't like, use tools of dedication and self discipline. Today there are many books on the market for self-help and many methods to your own taste. It depends on what is comfortable with the beginner of new ideas. I want to share a small portion of my own story with you.

When God came into my life over 20 yrs ago I was like most, sceptical. It became strange to me how strong my desire was to want and learn something I didn't know exist. Sudden urges led me to go to bookstores, fairs, and churches. In fact I became a member of a church and later the congregation voted me in for deacon. This made me think that something would develop from the church which would later come into ministry. In my younger years I had a deep interest to become a nun, that's why my thoughts led in that direction of ministry. Everything happens for a reason. Later on this experience unfolded as to why I was there. It was a learning experience that took me into another spiritual level and not ministry. At another day I had an unexplainable urge that convinced to buy a book that had no interest to me, tossed it aside as an unworthy cause. A day came when I was looking for something and that very book was in the area. I picked it up to look through the pages and to my amazement at nearly the end of the book, I found information that opened doors for me. It happen to be my first tool to work with. Never underestimate the power of God and don't judge a book by its cover. Because no matter how bizarre circumstances may seem, the fact remains that spirit and soul are waking the physical being of yourself. The awakening that gives a nudge to the emotional physical part of being in search for truths, to understand and change.

Sometime in our lives we're not quite sure which way to turn or how to plan our next move but, only hope its the right path. Its most favorable not to be hard on yourself. The spirit has a way to nourish your inner needs and allow yourself to make wise choices. Let go of the past for we can never go back to make changes and useful for new growth. We make our foundation from what we learn through our mistakes. Separate the good from the bad to promote encouragement into your new life. Be honest with yourself, clear all obstacles that show up in places your deeply in. Set backs are only a limited period and your not seeing the full picture. Acknowledge all great possibilities when your frustrated and discouraged, don't give up. Much is going on inside forming that change within to appear outside into the beautiful soul you are and meant to be. In the meantime, prepare yourself to feel rejected and alone by what was familiar to you. Your views and friends will change. Very few old friends will understand your lack of need to continue your old ways. Aloneness is a virtue. Being alone does not have time to take control over meaningless issues. Aloneness needs time to heal, understand, and grow into that special someone. God did not crowd the stars. Everyone needs their own space to become what they are meant to be. Remember for each step you take toward God the devil is behind you taking two. Obstacles develop from all angles, but mostly from humanity.

Sincerely, best of thoughts for all who are seeking a better way of life. Give yourself a chance with God. He is as real as I am here typing these words to you. Remember that patience is a virtue to gain the advantage of time. All will come in his timing not yours. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. If I can be of any help to you, don't hesitate to write me your concerns or any questions. I do respond only to those who are sincere. The best to you and also want to thank all my readers for the beautiful comments you've written about the books. Due to an error in contact, e-mail direct to mosespub400@gmail.com

Warm Regards,
Arlene Boday

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